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Dance of the States

For ballet dancers, the technology of their bodies requires permanent updating: from the beginning of their activity, which is usually during childhood, until their retirement from stage life at around 45 years of age, they work on the evolution of information, on the improvement of procedures, on the enrichment of theories and languages.

At the moment of their greatest technical and artistic maturity, the physical demands of the repertoire and the ballet tradition relegate them to a certain periphery: some reduce their participation in the works, extending their dancing in a slow decline; others, if they can, simply retire.


What do ballet dancers do when they leave the stage for good? Can they continue to use their bodies? In what way?


Prima ballerinas Maricel De Mitri and Silvia Bazilis, together with first dancer Edgardo Trabalón, lend their biographies to stage, as in a scientific play, the particularities of a career - and a life - made of exceptions. Dance as a job since childhood, the body as an instrument, frequent and fatal injuries, technique at the service of emotion, the role of the public theatre and the state as an enabler.


Using text and music as supports for the exposition of information, the performers are challenged to deviate from their classical training, they must abandon the solemnity of ballet to take on a fresh, even cheeky tone.


A hybrid of musical theatre, choreographic work and informative talk, the work investigates them and at the same time offers them the possibility to grow artistically, to incorporate other languages and to continue their stage careers beyond their retirement. 


Dancers on stage

Maricel De Mitri

Edgardo Trabalón

Emilia Peredo Aguirre (12, 20, 26 November)

Aldana Percivatti (27 November)

Jiva Velázquez Pandam (12, 20, 26 November)

David Gómez (27 November)

Txaro Manen Oyarzábal

Angelina Casco Guiñazú


Actress on screen

Andrea Carballo


On-screen dancer

Silvia Bazilis



Florencia Werchowsky



Alejandro Quesada

Florencia Werchowsky


Original score

Diego Voloschin


Scenography and lights

Santiago Badillo



Victoria Nana


Acting training

Paula Pichersky

Andrea Carballo 


Audiovisual direction and graphic design

Gracia Bergesi



Cynthia Castoriano

Felicitas Oliden


Performances during November 2019, at the Centro Cultural de la Cooperación, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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