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Two Naked Dancers

Luciana is 40 years old, she has been dancing for 30 years. She is 1,58 meters tall. Every time Alice in Wonderland is staged at the Teatro Colón, she’s asked to perform the main role, Alice, a twelve-year-old girl. In an interview she gave during the research process for this project, she said that pain made her feel alive. She has hypermobility and must be careful with certain movements because her arm often comes off.


David is 32 years old and deaf in one ear. He began taking dance classes at 17 and became a professional dancer lighting-fast, thanks to exceptional physical conditions. He claims to have been a fat boy, but he destroyed every photo from that time.


Luciana and David were blessed with grace, rhythm and plasticity. But their privileges as elite dancers do not protect them from fate: they live haunted by error, failure and chance. In this exhibition, they are constantly interrupted by the Opinion Machine, an off-screen voice that monitors and sentences them,  undresses them and points out what culture underlines on their bodies. Far from all solemnity, the dancers indulge in a gritty tale made of distorted memories, awkward dances, and the constant search for balance between their fantasy reality and classic fiction. Do Luciana and David dominate their bodies or do their bodies dominate them?


Luciana Barrirero

David Gomez

Alejandro Quesada (voiceover)

Directed by

Florencia Werchowsky


Written by

Alexander Quesada

Florencia Werchowsky


Original score

Diego Voloschín

Stage and lighting design

Santiago Badillo


Costume design

Victoria Nana


Video editing

Alexander Giuliani


Vocal training

Natasha Sternman



Felicitas Oliden

Premiered in FIBA 2021 - Performances from March to November at the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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