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The God of the Internet

During the Covid lockdown we were invited by the 25 de Mayo Cultural Center to create a play for a specific group of elderly people with no artistic experience. So we created The God Of The Internet, an experimental piece based on the biographies of 5 of the 16 performers that that overlapped the story of Jon Postel, one of the founding fathers of the internet. 

Gala is a gamer, she kills monsters online with her elf avatar. Edda is a youtuber, she has her own cooking channel to teach how to prepare the most traditional dishes from Venezuela. Susana visits her murdered son, who lives in the cloud. Medy longs for love while watching Chinese novels online. Carlos tells us the story of the god of the internet. Julian, a creature of this century, interviews them live.

Performers: Carlos Belisle, Susana Gambarino, Medy Martínez, Galita Saeta, Edda Rivas, María Cristina Agrelo, Norma Armendariz, Beatriz Felman, Alba Landi, Marta Pielet, Silvina Pumares, Ana María Quevedo, Nilda Rodríguez, Jorge Rodríguez Calviño, Rebeca Rosenfeld, Norma Sommaruga and Julián Vila Graca.

Directed by

Florencia Werchowsky


Written by

Alejandro Quesada and Florencia Werchowsky



Felicitas Oliden

Technical production

Rodrigo González Alvarado

Original score

Diego Voloschin


Set design 

Santiago Badillo

Light design

Adrián Grimozzi



Uriel Cistaro

Vocal coaching

Natasha Sterman



Lucila Bernabey y Nicolás Camerano

Community Manager 

Luis Barrios

Production assistant

Martina De Giorgio

Premiered at FIBA 2022 - Performances during February and March at the Centro Cultural 25 de Mayo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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