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Rehearsal for the End of the World







Amidst global misery, cataclysms, and the relentless roar of the machine that obliterates beauty, a form of resistance emerges within the rehearsal space. Here, a troupe of dancers alongside a lyrical singer seeks sanctuary to bring to life a performance destined never to see the light of day. This perpetual work-in-progress is endlessly refined, its music, choreography, and movements crafted as though each day were the last.


Weekly, the artists explore and reshape the scenes. Their staging, devoid of theatrical pretense, grants us a glimpse into the intimate essence of their craft. We witness, more closely than ever before, the elegance of their bodies engaged in the daily rituals of dance and training. All the while, outside the rehearsal room's walls, the world is engulfed in flames, crumbling into oblivion.


Luciana Barrirero, Valentín Fernández, Iván García, David Gómez, Aldana Jiménez and Julieta Zabalza.



David Gómez



Diego Voloschin



Vicky Naná



Matías Sendón


Video and Photography

Alejandro Giuliani

Photography for social media

Emiliano Rodríguez Nuesch



Felicitas Oliden


Artistic assistance

Alejandro Quesada



Florencia Werchowsky 



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