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Winter School on Video

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The FNOBA Winter School presents a conversation between director and author Florencia Werchowsky and composer Oscar Strasnoy. The videos are directed and intervened by Alejo Moguillansky.


According to Werchowsky these encounters are a "virtual invitation to free association, whose aim is to propose possible constellations to the spectators. So that each one can make the perceptive summary that best suits them [of the works and the ideas of adaptation and appropriation that inhabit them]". 


This invitation is addressed particularly, and not especially, to those artists dedicated to the different disciplines and topics that arise from opera, which today has become more of a chimera than a genre.


The meetings are based on historical documentation as well as archival images of iconic operas, with the special participation of Aki Kaurismäki and Carlos Paez Rodriguez.

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